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Recruiting Contract Academic Staff

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Non-unionized Contract Academic Staff are governed by the Regulation Relating to the Employment of Contract Academic Staff available from the Secretariat's Website.

Ranked Contract Academic Staff include:Unranked Contract Academic Staff include:
  • Faculty Lecturer/Senior Faculty Lecturer
  • Assistant Professor [descriptor*]
  • Associate Professor [descriptor*]
  • Professor [descriptor*]
  • Academic Associate/Senior Academic Associate
  • Adjunct Professor
  • Professor of Practice
  • Curator/Associate Curator
  • Visiting Fellow
  • Visiting Professor
  • Visiting Scholar
The following unranked classifications are unionized:
  • Course Lecturer
  • Instructor/Senior Instructor
  • Research Assistant
  • Research Associate/Senior Research Associate
* NOTE: A descriptor as defined in the Regulations must be applied to the rank where the word [descriptor] appears above. Currently approved descriptors are Clinical, Professional, Research, and Leave Replacement. NOTE: For unionized staff, the instructions on this page do not apply. For Course Lecturers, the Course Lecturer Contract must be used. Please email the hr [dot] hr [at] mcgill [dot] ca (HR Service Centre) or academicapprovals [dot] hr [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Academic Approvals HR) for further assistance with recruiting unionized academic staff.


To hire Contract Academic Staff, the following procedures must be followed:

Be sure to consult the Classifications Guidelines pertaining to the desired position, and ensure that you have fulfilled all CAS Approvals Requirements as well as any requirements pertaining to advertising, equity, immigration, etc.

Dossier Requirements for Contract Academic Staff Recruitments

The following documents must be provided to the Academic Personnel Office (APO).
TYPEWhat to Do/Send

Ranked Contract Academic Staff

Unranked Contract Academic Staff

  • For appointments with an annualized salary of less than $25,000, no documents are required by APO, with the exception of Professors of Practice, for whom a CV is required;
  • For Academic Associates, the job description and appointee’s CV are required;
  • Academic Approvals HR requires the CV, Letter of Offer and Acceptance, and immigration documentation. Contact Academic Approval HR for further details, referencing this page;
  • You may use this CAS Unranked Staff Template Offer Letter (v.2, 16-Feb-2015).

Visiting Staff

  • In most cases, no documentation is required by the APO except when the annualized salary is greater than $25,000. In such instances a justification memo must be submitted to APO.
  • Academic Approvals HR may require the CV, Letter of Offer and Acceptance, and immigration documentation. Contact academicapprovals [dot] hr [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Academic Approval HR) for further details referencing this page;
  • You may use this Visting CAS Template Offer Letter (v.2, 16-Feb-2015).

NOTE: All appointments/reappointments/changes of status take effect no earlier than the first of the month in which the appointment is received in APO or in HR, whichever is relevant.