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Overview of Programs Offered

Students are required to take the integrative course BASC 201 (3 credits).

Students in the B.A. & Sc. must choose one of the following program combinations:

  1. Interfaculty Programs are interdisciplinary in nature. There are currently three options: Environment, Cognitive Science, and Sustainability, Science and Society. Students in these programs complete 54 credits in the interfaculty program, a Minor Concentration of 18. In order to maintain a balance of Arts and Science in the program, students must complete at least 21 credits in Arts and 21 credits in Science across their program.
  2. Honours Programs have additional GPA requirements and research courses. Students must also select a minor (or minor concentration) from either Arts or Science, such that they complete at least 21 credits in Arts and 21 credits in Science across their Honours program and their minor (or minor concentration).
  3. Multi-Track programs are intended for students who want a program that includes significant components from both Arts and Science. Students must complete a major concentration from Science and a major concentration from Arts - click here for a full listing of major concentrations in both the Faculty of Arts and of Science.  
  4. Joint Honours programs are similar to the double major, except that students select two Joint Honours components, one from Arts and one from Science. At present, the choice of Science component is restricted to either Math or Psychology. However, there is a great range of choices for the Arts component. To choose the Joint Honours option, students must meet the GPA and CGPA requirements set out in the departmental sections.