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[April 2017] Congratulations to Dr. Robert Sternszus, who along with colleagues, Drs. Jerry Maniate, Geoffrey Williams, Yvonne Steinert, Farhan Bhanji, Linda Snell, Sero Andonian and Laci Williams, were awarded the CAME Wooster Family Education Grant for their research project entitled From Resident-as-Teacher to Resident-as-Role Model: Enriching a Resident Teaching Skills Curriculum. This award is meant to support new and innovative projects in medical education that are not part of a larger, formalized and funded education research program.

[April 2017] Congratulations to Drs. Sarkis Meterissian, Laurie Plotnick and David Ragsdale, who were selected as recipients of the 2017 CAME/ACÉM Certificate of Merit Award. These deserving colleagues will be recognized at the upcoming CAME Annual General Meeting which is held in conjunction with the Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME) on Saturday, April 29, 2017 at the Delta Hotel in Winnipeg.

[November 2016] Congratulations to Dr. Farhan Bhanji, who is the recipient of the 2016 recipient of Paediatric Chairs of Canada’s (PCC) Paediatric Academic Leadership – Clinician Educator Award. The award was presented in recognition of Farhan’s multiple leadership roles in medical education at the local, national and international levels.

[March 2016] Congratulations to Dr. Meredith Young, who along with colleagues, Drs. Farhan Bhanji, Aliki Thomas, Valérie Dory, Steven Durning, Stuart Lubarsky and Ms. Naz Torabi, were awarded a one year CIHR grant for their research entitled Understanding Diagnostic error: A scoping study of the role of ambiguity, uncertainty, and complexity in reasoning and error.

[March 2016] Congratulations as well to Dr. Aliki Thomas, who along with colleagues from across Canada, was awarded a three-year CIHR grant for her study entitled Evolution of evidence-based practice: Evaluating the contribution of individual and contextual factors to optimize patient care. This study, which will follow new graduates of all OT and PT programs in Canada into practice for 4 years to assess EBP outcomes, is one of Aliki’s “dream” projects.

[March 2016]Congratulations to Drs. Richard and Sylvia Cruess, and Yvonne Steinert for the publication of their new book entitled Teaching Medical Professionalism: Supporting the Development of Professional Identity. 2nd Edition.

[February 2016] Congratulations to Dr. Linda Snell, who is the recipient of the 2016 Ian Hart Award for Distinguished Contribution to Medical Education. This award recognizes senior faculty who have made an exceptional contribution to medical education throughout their academic career.
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[January 2016] Congratulations to Dr. Carlos Gomez-Garibello and colleagues, Drs. Valérie Dory, Meredith Young, Armand Aalamian, Richard Cruess, Sylvia Cruess, Robert Sternszus, Elisa Ruano-Cea and Sero Andonian, who are the recipients of the Royal College Research for Assessment within the Context of Competency-based Education Grant for their research project entitled Developing a Rubric to Assess Residents’ Workplace-based Teaching as an Entrustable Professional Activity.

[January 2016] Congratulations to Dr. Beth-Ann Cummings, Core Faculty Member of the Centre for Medical Education, who was appointed as the new Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education, and to Dr. Leonora Lalla, Centre Member, who was appointed as the new Associate Dean, Continuing Professional Development, Faculty of Medicine. We look forward to working with them in their new roles.

[January 2016] Congratulations to Core Faculty Member, Dr. Stuart Lubarsky and Centre Members, Drs. Fraser Moore and Leonora Lalla, who are recipients of the 2015 Transition to Clinical Practice (TCP) Award for Excellence in Teaching. TCP is a unique six-month component of the medical curriculum where students are given the opportunity to apply their knowledge, to practice their skills, and to learn key aspects of various disciplines without being responsible for patient care.

[August 2015] Congratulations to Drs. Ilana Bank and Miriam Boillat,  who are the 2015-2016 recipients of The Class of ’77 MedEd Innovation Grants Program.

[August 2015] Congratulations to Dr. Beth-Ann Cummings, who was selected as the 2015 recipient of the W. Dale Dauphinee Fellowship by the Medical Council of Canada (MCC). The Fellowship is intended to advance the vision of the MCC by supporting medical educators to enhance their knowledge and skills in physician assessment. The Fellowship runs from September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2016 with the goal of allowing Dr. Cummings, in collaboration with Dr. Lambert Schuwirth, to investigate how, why and when benefits of longitudinal integrated curricula are threatened by misalignment between assessment practices and desired curricular outcomes.
[August 2015] Congratulations to Dr. Claire Trottier, who was selected as the only Canadian participant in the 2015 Biology Scholars Residency Program, organized by the American Society for Microbiology. The program is meant to empower biologists to be leaders in science education, build capacity in biology education research and catalyze sustained undergraduate education reform. Dr. Trottier previously worked as a consultant for course redesigns in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology in collaboration with Teaching and Learning Services. She developed her skills in science education during a postdoctoral fellowship at the Research Institute of the MUHC under the supervision of Dr. Miguel Burnier, and with the mentorship of Dr. Yvonne Steinert at the Centre for Medical Education. Prior to that, she completed a PhD in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology in 2009 under the co-supervision of Dr. Brian Ward and Dr. Wilson Miller.
[June 2015] Congratulations to Dr. Ronald Gottesman, who received the 2015 Paediatric Academic Leadership Clinician Educator Award from the Paediatric Chairs of Canada (PCC). The PCC promotes the development of excellence and leadership within specific career paths.
[June 2015] Congratulations to Dr. Peter Nugus and colleagues, who have been successful in bidding for McGill University and Montreal to host the "2018 International Conference on Organizational Behavior in Health Care (OBHC)". The theme of the conference is: "Coordinating Care Across Boundaries and Borders: Systems, Networks and Collaborations". Peter will organize the conference with colleagues including: Charo Rodriguez (McGill Department of Family Medicine), Samer Faraj (McGill Faculty of Management), Jean-Louis Denis (Ecole nationale de l'administration publique/UQAM), Ann Langley (HEC) and Denis Chenevert (HEC).
[June 2015] Congratulations to Dr. Mary Ellen Macdonald who was granted tenure and promoted to the rank of Associate Professor in the Faculty of Dentistry.
[June 2015] Congratulations to Ms. Elaine Doucette, and Drs. Lily Nguyen and Charo Rodriguez, who have been named to the 2015-2016 Faculty Honour List. The goal of the Faculty Honour List for Educational Excellence is to recognize outstanding contributions to education in the Faculty of Medicine, in the areas of teaching, educational leadership and innovation, faculty development, and research and scholarly activity.
[June 2015] Congratulations to Dr. Stuart Lubarsky who was named the Richard and Sylvia Cruess Faculty Scholar in Medical Education for 2015-2016.
[April 2015] Congratulations to Dr. Meredith Young who received the Inaugural Early Career Medical Educators (ECME) Champion Award at the 2015 Canadian Conference Medical Education (CCME) in Vancouver.
[December 2014] Congratulations to Dr. Lily Nguyen who was promoted to Associate Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery and Department of Pediatric Surgery in the Faculty of Medicine.
[December 2014] Congratulations to Dr. Sero Andonian who was promoted to Associate Professor (Clinical) in the department of  Surgery in the Faculty of Medicine.
[November 2014] Congratulations to Dr. Colin Chalk, who has been awarded the 2014 Principal’s Prize for Excellence in Teaching. What a well deserved honor!
[November 2014] Congratulations to Dr. Ning-Zi Sun, whose paper, The Effects of Resident Duty Hour Reform on Evolving Concepts of Professionalism: A Qualitative Study, was selected as the winner of the Royal College of Physician and  Surgeons of Canada top resident paper award.
In October, 2014, the Centre for Medical Education ran for the very first time, a one week practicum course titled “Teaching in the Clinical Context”.  This course was developed by Drs. Yvonne Steinert and Joyce Pickering at the request of Dr. Takuya Saiki, a Japanese medical educator at the Gifu University Faculty of Medicine. Ten physicians from the teaching hospital in Gifu attended, in order to learn in a structured way of thinking about clinical teaching, and to observe clinical teaching in action in our McGill hospitals and clinics.  The physicians represented a variety of disciplines including surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, internal medicine and critical care.  For at least 4 half days, all the physicians shadowed clinicians who were teaching in the context of clinical care, in settings such as the emergency room, the OR, outpatient clinics and inpatient wards.  They also participated in a workshop on clinical teaching, led by Drs. Don Boudreau and Linda Snell, attended a Centre meeting, toured McGill and the Faculty of Medicine, and observed a simulation centre session on “Dealing with Difficult Team Situations”.   In spite of some language challenges, as not all were fluent in English, the evaluations from the participants were excellent.   There were many positive comments regarding the “culture of teaching” which they felt permeated the clinical environment at McGill, and the interactions between our faculty members and students which they noted were respectful and encouraged independent thinking.  All returned to Japan with concrete plans for how they would incorporate more teaching into their clinical work.  Seeing our own teaching environment from the “eyes of others” was a fascinating and rewarding experience for us.  Many thanks to the clinicians who welcomed our guests in the clinical setting, and to the administrative staff at the Centre, particularly Claudia Regier, without whom the course would not have been possible.

Joyce Pickering, Yvonne Steinert

[October 2014] Congratulations to Drs. Stuart Lubarsky and Meredith Young, co-chairs of the 2nd Montreal International Conference on Clinical Reasoning, for another successful event. The conference also featured presentations from Aliki Thomas, Susanne Lajoie, Valérie Dory and Bernard Charlin.
[September 2014] Congratulations to Dr. Aliki Thomas, who received funding from the Réseau Provincial de Recherche en Adaptation - Réadaptation (REPAR) for her project on Quebec Knowledge Translation in Rehabilitation Strategic Initiative: A Knowledge Translation Initiative and from the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation (CRIR) for her project on Improving Stroke Rehabilitation Services Through Evidence-Based Practice and Knowledge Translation: Attributes and Determinants of Expert Stroke Evidence-Based Rehabilitation Practice.
[June 2014] Congratulations to Dr. Richard Cruess, who served as Dean of Medicine from 1981 to 1995 and was promoted to be a Companion of the Order, its highest rank, along with filmmaker David Cronenberg and General John de Chastelain. A Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and a Core Member of the Centre for Medical Education, Dr. Cruess is also an Officer of the l’Ordre National du Québec. McGill has established the Richard and Sylvia Cruess Chair in Medical Education. Since 1995, with his wife, Sylvia Cruess, he has taught and carried out independent research on professionalism in medicine.
[June 2014] Congratulations to Dr. Farhan Bhanji who was inducted to the Faculty Honour List for Educational Excellence!
[May 2014] Congratulations to Dr. Peter Nugus who was awarded an FRSQ chercheur-boursier Junior 1 for his research entitled: ‘Améliorer le continuum des soins: aller-retour de la collectivité à la salle d’urgence’!
[May 2014] Congratulations to Dr. Aliki Thomas who was also awarded an FRSQ chercheur-boursier Junior 1 for her research entitled: ‘Améliorer les services de réadaptation après un accident vasculaire cerebral par une practique fondée sur les données probantes et le transfert de connaissances’!
[May 2014] Congratulations to Dr. Meredith Young, along with colleagues from the Université de Sherbrooke, the University Health Network in Toronto, the University of British Columbia and University of Alberta,  who was awarded a 3 year SSHRC Grant for their research entitled: ‘From theory to practice: quantification and consequences of different validity conceptualizations’!
Congratulations to Dr. Lily Nguyen, member of the Centre for Medical Education, who was selected as one of the recipients to receive the 2014CAME/ACÉM Certificate of Merit Award. The aim of this award is to promote medical education in Canadian medical schools and to recognize and reward faculty’s commitment to medical education. Drs. Ari Meguerditchian from the Department of Oncology and Kevin Schwartzman from the Department of Medicine are also recipients of this Award. Congratulations to all!

[April 2014] Congratulations to our Director, Dr. Yvonne Steinert, who was awarded the 2014 AFMC President’s Award for Exemplary National Leadership in Academic Medicine. This award recognizes excellence for national leadership in academic medicine.

Dr. Yvonne Steinert is a clinical psychologist and Professor of Family Medicine at McGill. She is also the Director of McGill’s Centre for Medical Education and holds the Richard and Sylvia Cruess Chair in Medical Education. Her educational interests relate to teaching and learning in medicine, the impact of faculty development on the individual and the organization, and the continuing professional development of faculty members.

The award will be presented during a ceremony as part of the 2014 Canadian Conference on Medical Education on Sunday, April 27, 2014 from 5 to 6 p.m. at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa.

To learn more about the AFMC awards, click here.

[December 2013] Congratulations to Dr. Robert Sternszus, who is a recipient of the Royal College Fellowship for Studies in Medical Education for 2014. The goal of this one-year fellowship is to increase the number and quality of professionally trained medical educators in Canada by providing training in the science of medical education to selected promising candidates. The program is to help specialists acquire knowledge and skills in the field of medical education in order to develop educational programs, evaluation methods and medical education research that apply to any phase of the continuum of medical education.

[September 2013] Congratulations to Dr. Saleem Razack and colleagues for winning the Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO) Quebec regional award for their Admissions and McGill Multiple Mini Interview Process. This award focuses on administrative innovations using criteria of transferability, innovation, quality impact, productivity, and transformative value.

[June 2013] Congratulations to Drs. Richard and Sylvia Cruess, who are the recipients of the 2013 ASME Gold Medal (Association for the Study of Medical Education).  The ASME Gold Medal recognises outstanding contribution to medical education.


[March 2013] Congratulations to Catherine Patocka, on her two recent accomplishments; Catherine's elective research project was presented at CCME 2013, and she has been accepted into the MHPE at Maastrict University, which starts in June 2013. We wish her the best of luck!

[February 2013] Congratulations to Dr. Peter McLeod, who is the recipient of the 2013 AFMC Award for Outstanding Contribution for Faculty Development.

[January 2013] Congratulations to the recipients of the Canadian Association of Medical Education (CAME) Certificate of Merit. Among the winners are McGill’s own Dr. Leonora Lalla (Family Medicine), Dr. Kevin Waschke (Gastroenterology), and Dr. Terry Hebert (Pharmacology). The award serves to promote, recognize and reward faculty committed to medical education in Canadian medical schools. Well done!

[November 2012] Centre Member Dr. Kevin Waschke has been honoured with the 2013 Canadian Association of Gastroenterology Young Educator Award! He has also received the Royal College Accredited CPD Provider Innovation Award for the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology (CAG) educational portal (ePortal). Congratulations!


[November 2012] Former medical education elective participant Dr. Elisa Ruano-Cea was honoured by the McGill University Health Centre for exceptional contributions as part of the 2012 Director General's Awards Gala and as part of the Best Care for Life program!


[November 2012] Chapeau! to Core Faculty Dr. Saleem Razack and Dr. Aliki Thomas, along with Centre Members Dr. Ronald Gottesman and Dr. David Ragsdale, who are all featured on Teaching Snapshots, brought to you by McGill Teaching and Learning Services. Visit the site here.

[November 2012] Dr. Richard and Dr. Sylvia Cruess were among McGill faculty members who were honoured in late October during a presentation ceremony of the Diamond Jubilee Medal at the Citadelle of Quebec. They were presented with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. To read more about it, please visit the Faculty of Medicine's electronic newsletter, Med e-News.

[November 2012] The 1st Montreal International Conference on Clinical Reasoning was planned by McGill University’s Centre for Medical Education in collaboration with the Centre de pédagogie appliqué aux sciences de la santé de l’Université de Montréal and the Collège des médecins du Québec. Core Faculty member Dr. Stuart Lubarsky and Educational Research Scientist Dr. Meredith Young were on the organizing committee. The meeting welcomed speakers and participants from around the world and took place at the Laval Campus at the Université de Montréal. Job well done everybody! Read more about the conference on Med e-News.

[November 2012] Congratulations to Core Faculty member Dr. Peter McLeod, who was honoured with the Duncan Graham Award in October at the ICRE 2012 conference. The Duncan Graham Award is issued by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada each year for recognition of outstanding contribution to medical education. Hats off!

[September 2012] Core Faculty Member Dr. Richard Cruess received the 2012 Canadian Medical Association’s (CMA) Medal of Service in recognition of his outstanding and exceptional contribution to the advancement of health care in Canada. Heartfelt congratulations!

[May 2012] Core Faculty Member Dr. Stuart Lubarsky has been awarded the 2012 McGill Clinical Teaching Award in Neurology. Congratulations!

[May 2012] Dr. David Luckow (Family Medicine), Centre Member Dr. Leonora Lalla, and Educational Researcher Dr. Meredith Young were runners up for the Research Award for Best Poster Presentation. Their poster was entitled: "It’s just a Form: the ID of a curricular gap through summative assessment," presented at the Canadian Conference on Medical Education in Banff. Hats off everybody!

[March 2012] Centre Member Dr. Lily Nguyen was recently accepted to do a Masters in Health Profession Education degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago.


[March 2012] With several annual meetings upon us, including the Canadian Conference on Medical Education, we give our best wishes to all Core Faculty, Centre Members, Postgraduate Fellows and Medical Education Electives participants as they deliver presentations, talks and workshops!  

[March 2012] Congratulations to former medical education elective participant Dr. Robert Sternszus (Pediatrics)! His paper entitled "Residents as Role Models: Impact on Undergraduate Trainees" was accepted for publication in Academic Medicine.

[March 2012] Congratulations to former Postgraduate Fellow Dr. Daniel Zigman. His paper, entitled "Using Simulation to Train Junior Psychiatry Residents to Work with Agitated Patients: A Pilot Study" was accepted for publication in Academic Psychiatry.

[February 2012] Hats off to Centre Educational Research Scientist Dr. Meredith Young. She was interviewed recently in The Atlantic about the role of language and media in disease. You can read the article here.

[February 2012] Core Faculty member Dr. Saleem Razack received the 2012 Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada May Cohen Gender Equity Award, late January. The award serves to recognize outstanding effort or achievement of an individual, program, department or faculty in improving the gender equity environment in academic medicine in Canada.   


[February 2012] The McGill 2012 recipients of the Canadian Association of Medical Education (CAME) Certificate of Merit are Dr. Beth-Cummings (Internal Medicine), Dr. David Dawson (Medicine) and Dr. Togas Tulandi (Obstetrics and Gynecology)! The award serves to promote, recognize and reward faculty committed to medical education in Canadian medical schools. Well done!

[January 2012] Core Faculty Member Dr. Peter McLeod received the 2012 Duncan Graham Award from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. The award recognizes outstanding lifelong contribution to medical education and has been awarded since 1969. Congratulations to Dr. McLeod on this well-deserved award! Read more in an article in the Royal College newsletter Dialogue.

November 2011] The McGill Centre for Medical Education celebrated its 10-year renewal on November 17, 2011 and welcomed all previous Directors to the Centre. The morning meeting was entitled: "Reflections on Medical Education at McGill from 1975 to the Present" and all former Centre Directors, Dr. Hugh Scott (1975-78), Dr. Dale Dauphinee (1979-1993), Dr. Vimla Patel (1994-2001) and Dr. Peter McLeod (2001-2005) shared personal anecdotes and perceptions. The day of celebration continued in the afternoon with Medical Education Rounds, focused on, "The Evolution of Medical Education: Back to the Future."

Congratulations to all Centre Directors for guiding an informative, insightful and lively day of discussion!

September 2011] September 7, 2011 marked the celebration date for the creation of the Richard and Sylvia Cruess Chair in Medical Education, with great thanks to the generous donors who made the new Chair possible, Deirdre Stevenson and Robert Stevenson, BA’49, BD’61, Herbert Black and the Molson Foundation. Centre Director Dr. Yvonne Steinert holds the inaugural appointment to this position and she is pictured below, with Dr. Sylvia and Dr. Richard Cruess at the event marking this very special occasion.

[Summer 2011] Congratulations to Dr. Miriam Boillat, who was recently named Associate Dean of Faculty Development. Dr. Boillat is also a Centre Member and Interim Chair of the Department of Family Medicine.

[June 2011] The Centre for Medical Education is pleased to announce that Dr. Farhan Bhanji has been named the first Richard and Sylvia Cruess Faculty Scholar in Medical Education. The goal of this position is to promote excellence and scholarship in medical education at McGill and at the Centre for Medical Education. With Dr. Bhanji's longstanding commitment to medical education at McGill and to the life of the Centre for Medical Education, this new position will enable him to further promote excellence and scholarship in MedEd. Congratulations!

The Centre for Medical Education would also like to extend thanks to all applicants for their submissions and interest in the program. Best wishes to all!


[Spring 2011] The newly created Richard and Sylvia Cruess Chair in Medical Education is highlighted in the Faculty of Medicine's Spring 2011 edition of Focus | Medicine. You can read more about it on page 6, here.


[May 2011] We are delighted to welcome Dr. Aliki Thomas (Physical and Occupational Therapy) as a Core Faculty Member. Dr. Thomas brings her perspective from Physical and Occupational Therapy, a welcome addition to our team. Congratulations to Dr. Thomas on defending her PhD thesis this spring and for receiving the American Educational Research Association's Menges New Researcher award! You can visit her profile on the Centre for MedEd website, here.


[April 2011] Kudos to the Centre for Med Ed's Dr. Meredith Young, who was interviewed recently on CBC's White Coat, Black Art. You can listen to the episode entitled "Healthy Skepticism," by following this link: here.