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Centre for Research on Children and Families

Dr. Iona Novak with Professors Lucy Lach and Nico Trocme at special lecture co-hosted by IHSP and CRCF.

Lorraine Derocher (postdoc fellow) and Dia Dabby, assistant professor at the Department of Child Law at Leiden Law School (with expertise in Children's rights and religious diversity). 

2015 CRCF annual general meeting.

Dr. Deboorah Padgett, professor at the New York University School of Social Work presenting a study on mental health recovery that used observation and interview data.


Photo: Lauren Kolyn

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Welcome to the Centre for Research on Children and Families (CRCF)!

The McGill Centre for Research on Children and Families (CRCF) is home to cutting-edge research on effective programs and policies for children and their families. The CRCF brings together 25 faculty members who lead 30 different projects, provides training to 40 graduate students yearly, and offers a unique platform to develop local, national and international collaborations with academic and non-academic milieus. The CRCF is affiliated with McGill's School of Social Work, and is home to the Royal Bank of Canada-funded Children's Services Data Laboratory.

CRCF members are actively committed to pursuing research that aims to significantly impact the lives of children, youth, and families…


  • Canadian communities representing Francophone, Anglophone, and Allophone populations
  • Aboriginal communities
  • Immigrant and racialized communities
  • International communities


  • Expanding knowledge
  • Advancing direct practices
  • Developing policies
  • Building community capacities and partnerships

in areas of…

  • Child welfare and child maltreatment
  • Child and family health and wellbeing
  • Child education
  • Trauma and resilience
  • Poverty
  • Childhood Disability









Research Watch

As a joint initiative with the CWRP, the CRCF launches a Research Watch, a periodical review of research articles published in the leading child welfare journals. The most relevant and well designed studies are summarized and disseminated through the CWRP's list of approximately 2,500 subscribers. The Research Watch team involves graduate students and faculty from the Universities of McGill and Toronto.

CRCF Research Seminar Series

The CRCF Research Seminars provide an opportunity for faculty, visiting scholars and graduate students to share and discuss their research. Presenters are encouraged to use the seminar to discuss preliminary results, data interpretation issues and methodological questions arising from their research.

For more information, please visit the Seminar page.

CRCF Graduate Student Travel Grants

The CRCF Graduate Student Travel Grants are competitive grants designed to support graduate student and postdoctoral fellows. The competition runs once a year, with a deadline of June 1. Applications must be made prior to travel. The application form is available online. For more information, contact Catherine Roy.

CRCF Membership Application

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