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Staff-Student Mentoring Program


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Are you an undergraduate student who would like to be mentored by a McGill faculty/staff member or graduate student?

Are you a faculty member, staff member or graduate student who would like to mentor McGill undergraduate students?

Learn more about the Program by browsing through the website and you may discover that this program is right for YOU!

Program Objectives

Conceived by a group of dedicated, engaged students and other members of the McGill community, the Staff-Student Mentoring Program is designed to facilitate informal out-of-classroom conversations between staff and students with the ultimate goal of enriching the University experience for all.  

Every mentoring relationship will be unique in its nature and scope and will develop organically over time. A mentoring relationship can help close gaps, foster connections and build networks, as participants discover new opportunities and share knowledge and exchange insights about a wide variety of topics and interests. The perspective and experience of every mentor and mentee will make the Program a success!