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MSE Undergraduate Advising

Kathy Roulet, Program Advisor

Drop-in Hours for the Winter 2016 Term, beginning January 4th (no appointment necessary):

Downtown Campus (3534 University): Tuesdays and Wednesdays (9:00am-11:30am)
Cancelled:  Tuesday, February 16, 2016; and Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Macdonald Campus (Rowles House): Mondays and Thursdays (9:00am-11:30am)
Cancelled:  Thursday, February 11, 2016 (Founder's Day); and Thursday, February 25, 2016 


Frequently Asked Questions


Who is my Program Advisor?

kathryn [dot] roulet [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Kathy Roulet) is the MSE Program Advisor for all students in the MSE. Her office hours are posted above.

Each Domain also has a Mentor. Mentors can answer questions about studying and working in the different fields of the Domains, as well as questions about graduate studies. Domain Mentors are listed in the Calendar at the top of each Domain description, and on the MSE web site on each Domain page. Mentors can make suggestions about what courses to take for a program, but you should always confirm your course selection with the Advisor.

What courses should I register for first?

As a first-year (U1) MSE student, you need to take the introductory Core ENVR courses.

Be careful which Section you register in for the Core courses! They are different for the two campuses and you will not be able to write your EXAM if you are in the wrong section! Section 001 is Downtown, section 051 is at Macdonald. This only applies to ENVR courses.

In addition to the core ENVR courses, you can take elective courses or complementary courses for your Environment program. You will find a number of options outlined for each of the Domains in the MSE Student Handbook . Feel free to email or visit Kathy Roulet during her drop-in advising hours, if you have questions.

I looked on Minerva for the ENVR courses, but it says none are available. What do I do?

When you are looking up the schedule for a course, or when you want to register, you are asked to select a Term. On the next page you are asked to choose a Subject (like ENVR for example). DON'T choose anything else from that page. Just select a Subject and go to the bottom of the page and click on "Get course sections". That will give you all the courses in that subject that are offered that semester.

Do courses "fill up"? Should I hurry to register?

Most courses at McGill are now limited (or "capped"). Students who are required to take a course will be able to register (if an ENVR course is full, contact Danielle Lefebvre (danielle [dot] lefebvre [at] mcgill [dot] ca), but students looking for electives or complementary courses may have trouble if they try to register for very popular courses late in the registration period.

When do I register for my Winter courses?

At the same time that you register for your Fall courses. You can make changes in December and January if you like.

I am not sure which Domain I want, but I don't want to fall behind. What can I do?

If you look at the different Domains in the Calendar or on this site, there are some 200-level courses that are common to several Domains. Examples are (click the course number for a pop-up description):


Note: B.A. Environment students must also take calculus and a basic science course in their first year.  See the B.Arts Faculty Program in Environment page and the Department of Mathematics website for more information.


When and where are the courses given?

See Minerva for the Class Schedule. MSE courses are listed under ENVR for Environment. Most ENVR courses are offered on both the Downtown campus (section 001) and the Macdonald campus (section 051).  Be sure you register for the right section.  Occasionally, courses get rescheduled or relocated in the first week of class, especially if enrolment is much higher or lower than expected, so check Minerva again at the start of the semester.

How do I know on which campus the courses I have registered for are given?

Because ENVR courses are given on both campuses, each ENVR course is associated with a section number which corresponds to its location: Section 001 is downtown, section 051 is the Macdonald campus. Other courses have section numbers but only ENVR courses have section number which refer to campus location.

Note that the Class Schedule on Minerva does not spell out which campus a course is on; it lists only the building name and room number. There are some buildings downtown named "Macdonald", so beware! Courses offered at Macdonald campus are shown on the MSE website with an (M) beside them.

I still need to take some electives. Any suggestions?

Electives are courses that are not counting for your program. The Environment program is only part of your degree requirements. You will probably need to take some electives throughout your career at McGill. Here are some popular examples (click on the course number for a pop-up description):