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Ensemble Placement Auditions 2014-15

Information on this website will be updated as it becomes available.  Please check back periodically.  If a schedule or other information is not yet posted for an ensemble it is not available at this time.

Ensemble placement auditions are required for all students who wish to participate in ensembles for credit. If you are unsure as to whether you are eligible for/required to participate in an ensemble, it is recommended that you consult the course calendar (http://www.mcgill.ca/study/2014-2015/faculties/music) and contact your faculty advisor.  

All McGill University students are eligible to audition for most ensembles. Participation in these ensembles is based on audition result, not Minerva registration, and grades are largely based on attendance and punctuality.  Please note that if you are not a Schulich School of Music student, you should check with your home faculty to see if ensemble credits will apply to your degree.





All audition information, including repertoire requirements, schedule, and excerpts, will be posted on this website as the information becomes available.



All detailed ensemble placement audition schedules will be posted on this website.  In most cases, the excerpts (if applicable for your instrument) will be available electronically for you to download. 



Ensemble Placement Auditions take place.  (There are a few exceptions; please consult the website above for specific information.)

Schulich School of Music


Ensemble placements are announced.

your [dot] name [at] mail [dot] mcgill [dot] ca (your.name@mail.mcgill.ca)




Bulletin boards on the 2nd floor of the

C and E wings


Ensemble Rehearsals begin.

Schulich School of Music

 Beethoven Orchestra

Current students in the Schulich School of Music may join this ensemble without an audition; however, students not in the Schulich School of Music need to attend an audition prior to the first class meeting, the auditions will take place early in the Fall 2014 term. Material for this audition is a short unaccompanied selection that will demonstrate your abilities on your instrument. For details regarding the audition for Beethoven Orchestra please refer to the information posted here.

If you have any questions regarding ensemble auditions, placement, or participation, don’t hesitate to contact the Ensemble Resource Manager.

For all academic inquiries or questions about your program requirements, please contact your faculty advisor. 

Rebecca Woodmass, Ensemble Resource Manager

ensembles [at] music [dot] mcgill [dot] ca (Email the Ensemble Resource Manager)


Office: E-110 (Ground floor, below the practice rooms)