New Supplier Request

Prior to requesting a new supplier, please review Our Supplier List to ensure that there is no existing contracted supplier that can fulfill your needs.

*** Please note the University's standard payment terms and conditions are net 45 days. ***

For one time payments of a small amount, contact the supplier to see if PCard payments are accepted.  Only if not accepted, should the below be completed.

Use this form to request that a new supplier be added to McGill's Financial Information System. Payment by direct deposit is available for canadian companies (only).  Should the supplier be interested, please have them fill in this form and email it to [at]

Note: If the supplier is under a person's name and residing in Canada only, please ensure to fill out the Employee vs Self Employed Questionnaire (English Version or French Version) and have it duly signed by them and your department's unit head prior to attaching it to this form for submission.

Fields with a * are mandatory fields

Please provide an e-mail address where Purchase Order(s) will be sent
If different from above PO distribution e-mail. This e-mail is for direct deposit confirmation notice to supplier.
Note: Currently MMP only support currencies listed below. If vendor charges other currency, please contact us at
9 digit number, ex:123456789
10 digit number follow by TQ. ex:1234567890TQ0001
Quebec Registration Number, 10 digits
*If yes, please provide further details at the Goods & Services section.
If you will be using this supplier for good and services over $10,000, please be sure you attach a copy of the quote and/or contract with your request.
As an effect to manage our vendor database, suppliers with regular usage will remain active in the system. Suppliers with lower activities (with zero or only one transaction) within a period of 18 months will be terminated from the system.
For copy of the quote, invoice or Employee vs Self Employed Questionnaire from the supplier.
Files must be less than 3.91 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg png bmp tif txt rtf html pdf doc docx ppt pptx xls xlsx xml.
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