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  • Making life simpler for control freaks

    Important and complex systems, from the global financial market to groups of friends, may be more controllable than they appear.

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  • Whole-genome sequencing as part of newborn screening?

    Ethical, legal and social issues should be weighed before adopting the technology in public programs, researchers argue.

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  • Sedentary Behaviours in Men Linked to Early Depression

    Young men who have suffered from early depression are more vulnerable than women to spending many hours in front of a screen later on

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  • Beating the bug at the molecular level

    Study by McGill University professor paves the way for a highly-effective therapy against the flu virus and other viral infections

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  • Stories from the Field

    McGill's research magazine, Headway, brings research to life.

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  • Advanced Biofuels Symposium 2014

    BioFuelNet Canada, based at McGill, will host one of Canada’s most important advanced biofuels events in Ottawa, May 27-29.

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  • Reducing Carbon Emissions a Grand Challenge

    Two McGill professors receive $500,000 grants to reduce carbon emissions as part of the CCEMC Grand Challenges program.

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  • The many faces of McGill research

    The Research and International Relations Flickr Photostream is a great way to keep up-to-date on McGill’s research-related activities and visits by international delegations.

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  • Tweet Speak

    McGill researcher pinpoints an important role of the basal ganglia in vocal learning across species.

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