RUIS McGill Office

Mandate of the RUIS McGill Office

The RUIS McGill Office is responsible for the guidance and administration of RUIS McGill committees and work groups.  


• To foster links between the Faculty of Medicine and the McGill teaching hospital network within the RUIS mandate.

• To liaise with the Agences de la santé et des services sociaux (ASSS) of the regions affiliated to RUIS McGill, the corresponding CSSS', the health care provider institutions under the RUIS McGill territory and elsewhere, in order to develop corridors of services and corridors of teaching for McGill and its teaching hospital network.

• To coordinate and manage the RUIS McGill Committees and subcommittees.

• To organize meetings with RUIS McGill partners (Agences, CSSS, hospitals, etc.).

• To liaise and coordinate RUIS McGill clinical services activities in collaboration with the McGill Health Network Office.

• To develop links with other organizations in the Province relevant to McGill activities, i.e. rehabilitation centres, long-term care facilities and primary care networks of physicians.

• To liaise with the three other RUIS networks as well as the Table de coordination nationale des RUIS (MSSS).

• To organize meetings of the RUIS McGill Steering Committee and Executive Committee.

• To inform RUIS McGill members of the latest clinical and academic updates and developments within the organization and its network, through an electronic information system and an online presence.