Susan Rvachew


susan.rvachew [at] (Email)

Child Phonology Lab


BSc Speech Pathology and Audiology, University of Alberta
MSc & PhD Experimental Psychology, University of Calgary


Research Interests

Research interests are focused on phonological development and disorders with specific research topics including: the role of speech perception development in sound production learning; speech development in infancy; efficacy of interventions for phonological disorders; and computer applications in the treatment of phonological disorders. Current projects include a longitudinal investigation of deficits in phonological awareness skills in pre-schoolers with delayed phonological development, relationship between auditory attention and babbling skills in infants with early onset otitis media, and cross-linguistic differences in the acoustic characteristics of vowels produced by infants.

Representative Publications

Thordardottir, E., Cloutier, G., Ménard, S., Pelland‐Blais, E., & Rvachew, S. (2014). Monolingual or bilingual intervention for primary language impairment? A randomized control trial. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research.

Brosseau‐Lapré, F., & Rvachew, S. (2013). Cross‐linguistic comparison of speech errors produced by English‐ and French‐speaking preschool age children with developmental phonological disorders. International Journal of Speech‐Language Pathology, Early Online, 1‐11.

Marquis, A., Royle, P., Gonnerman, L. & Rvachew, S. (2012). La conjugaison du verbe en début de scolarisation. Travaux interdisciplinaires sur la parole et le langage, 28, 2-13.

MacLeod, A.A.N., Laukys, K., & Rvachew, S. (2011). The impact of bilingual language learning on whole-word complexity and segmental accuracy among children aged 18 and 36 months. International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 13(6), 490-499.

Mattock, K., Polka, L., & Rvachew, S. (2010). The first steps in word learning are easier when the shoes fit: Comparing monolingual and bilingual infants. Developmental Science, 13, 229-243.

Rvachew, S. (2009). Perceptually based interventions. In C. Bowen, Children's speech sound disorders. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 152-155.

Rvachew, S., Alhaidary, A., Mattock, K., & Polka, L. (2008). Emergence of the corner vowels in the babble produced by infants exposed to Canadian English or Canadian French. Journal of Phonetics, 36, 564-577.

Rvachew, S., & Grawburg, M. (2008). Reflections on phonological working memory, letter knowledge and phonological awareness: A reply to Hartmann (2008). Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 51, 1219-1226.

Chiang, P. & Rvachew, S. (2007). English-French bilingual children’s phonological awareness and vocabulary skills. Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics, 10, 293-308.

Rvachew, S. (2007). Phonological processing and reading in children with speech sound disorders. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 16, 260-270.

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