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All pdf forms below can be submitted to Service Point

By email, submit the form to: servicepoint [at] mcgill [dot] ca

Opposition Form [.pdf]

Authorization for Change of Program - Graduating Students
** For a Summer Session only

Final Exam Conflict Form [.pdf]

Personal Data Change Form [.pdf]

Authorization for Release of Personal Information [.pdf]

Undergraduate Research Trainee Regstration Form[.pdf]
Submit the UGRT form and associated documentation to your departmental office.

Intercollegiate Sport Event Accommodation Form

For students in the Faculties of Arts or Science

Request to Exceed Credits
** Grades for your preceding term of study must be available in order for a decision to be made (
For example, Fall grades and CGPA for a Winter term request, Winter grades and CGPA for a Summer term request or Summer grades and CGPA for a Fall term request) **
For info on exceeding a normal course load
Arts: www.mcgill.ca/oasis/general/load
Science: www.mcgill.ca/science/student/general/course/load

Explanation of Academic Record Request [.pdf]
Use this form to request a letter explaining your transcript, and information such as your ranking

Request for Late Course WITHDRAWAL [.pdf] OR Request for Late Course ADD
For info on withdrawing from courses -
Arts: www.mcgill.ca/oasis/general/withdrawals/course
Science: www.mcgill.ca/science/student/general/withdrawals/course

Graduation Term Change Request
If it's past the deadline to apply to graduate in Minerva or a change is required, please complete this form.
For more info on graduation -
Arts: www.mcgill.ca/oasis/general/graduation
Science: www.mcgill.ca/science/student/graduatingstudents

Removal of Freshman Program Request [.pdf]
If you've earned 24 or more credits in your first term, you may enter the U1 year and select your major.
For info on available programs -
Arts: www.mcgill.ca/oasis/ba
Science: www.mcgill.ca/science/student/newstudents/u1

University Withdrawal Form [.pdf]
Withdrawing from all courses in a term constitutes a University Withdrawal.
For info on withdrawing from the University -
Arts: www.mcgill.ca/oasis/general/withdrawals/university
Science: www.mcgill.ca/science/student/general/withdrawals/university

For students in Graduate Programs

Request for a Leave
Information on the Leave of Absence Policy can be found on the GPS students' website

Request for a Program Change
Use this form to request changes to your program option and/or a concentration change

Request for Reinstatement
Information on reinstatement can be found on the GPS students' website

Request for a University Withdrawal
Information on withdrawing from the University can be found on the GPS students' website

Request for Registration/Course Changes
Information on registration can be found on the GPS students' website

For postdoctoral fellows

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